29 Jul

The numbers on the ticket are indeed very important for you to get a winning 4d result ticket in the lottery. But the 4d ticket has some different numbers that play a very important role in the drawing of the jackpot. You can do a quick check on these numbers by reading on the following 4d lottery tips. Lottery results may look simple but it is always fun to get the right numbers to get a certain amount and hope for a big amount in the future.

The first tip for getting the right 4d numbers for a winning 4d ticket is to look at the total number of tickets that have been drawn. The total number of tickets means the total number of combinations that have been picked. The more the number of combinations, the more chances of you getting a good number.

The second tip to have a better chance of winning is to have an average of your age, height, weight, and gender. These factors are very much significant in determining if you are indeed young or old enough to have won in the past. And this is also one way of knowing the possibility of the current lottery draw outcome. If there are a lot of people who are older and heavier compared to younger people who are thin and not that tall, then this could mean that the next jackpot will be bigger than the previous ones.

The third tip is to check out the unit number of your ticket. Unit number is usually placed on the left hand side of the 4d tickets. You have to look for the unit number for each of your 4d tickets. The more the unit number, the bigger the chance of you winning. In order to increase the possibility of winning, the higher the number of your unit; thus, the bigger the amount of your winnings.

The fourth thing to do is to check out the last number of your ticket. Usually, this is the last number of your ticket that is printed inside the reverse of the 4d ticket. The number of the unit number is usually on the same line as it is also formatted in a 4d shape. If there is a space between the unit number and "MR" (multiplication result) then it means that the next number in line is for the prize and that means that the probability of winning is higher compared to the previous numbers. And the higher the value of the unit number that is written on the ticket, the bigger the chances of winning.

The fifth tip is to place your bets depending on what you think is the correct answer when you see the number of the 4d lottery ticket. Most of the time, these tickets give you a hint of what would be the correct answer. This is the reason why most of the winners usually get the right answer, especially with the recent 4d world lotto games. Just place your bets accordingly and you can win that much awaited lotto victory.